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How do I get my ex-wife off the deed to my house?

Additional Information: I have been divorced for 9 years and as part of the separation agreement, I got the house.  How do I get my ex-wife removed from my house deed? One of our lawyers was supposed to take care of this but it never happened. I have contacted my lawyer numerous times over the years to no avail. What do I need to do to get this taken care of? ATTORNEY ANSWER: You must have a new deed prepared which transfers title to you.  The deed will need to be signed by your former wife.  Once this is done,
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How do I go about filing for a divorce if I have no contact with my husband?

Additional Information: I separated from husband in 2008 & moved to Charlestown, MA from NY. How can I get divorce if we have no contact? We did not have any children from marriage but I do have a ten year old from previous. We parted in ill terms & I have no way of contacting this man as I do not know where he moved to after I left. How hard is it to get a divorce in the State of Mass? ATTORNEY ANSWER: You will need to file a Complaint for Divorce in the county in which you reside
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