We were divorcing amicably but now his lawyer is stating negative things about me.

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I am in the middle of a divorce and my husband and I are on amicable terms for the most part. We agreed on joint custody of our 5 year old daughter, and that I’d stay in our Wayland home with her.   His lawyer recently sent me papers but stated quite a few things that my spouse is saying he never said. Including things like I am mentally cruel, and neglectful of duty. I am going to hire a divorce attorney soon but was wondering does it seems like his lawyer is setting it up to ask for sole custody, should I do the same?


Your lawyer will file an answer to the Complaint for Divorce to address the claims made by your Husband’s attorney.  Some attorneys include more than what their client is asking for in the Complaint for Divorce to cover all bases.  That will not prohibit you and your husband to agreeing to something different. 

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