Important Notice About Your Closing (Buyers/Borrowers)

As you may know, our office represents your lender in matters relating to your request for a mortgage loan in order to purchase real estate. We have commenced an examination of the title and have ordered necessary information to complete the closing.

When these matters are completed and reviewed by our staff we will notify you to arrange a time to close the loan. We will also advise you of any funds you may need to complete the transaction. You must bring CERTIFIED or BANK CASHIER’S CHECKS made payable to our firm for these funds. In addition, you must bring a valid drivers license or passport with you to closing for proper identification. We cannot close your transaction without this. Please do not forget as this is very important.

Please review the Lender’s Commitment Letter carefully. If special conditions are required, they must be met to the satisfaction of the lender PRIOR to closing. Also, please review the enclosed instructions and forms carefully with respect to other requirements that must be met prior to closing. Respond to each item applicable to your situation. Click HERE for directions to our offices as well as more information regarding matters discussed in this letter. If you have any questions or comments related to these matters please contact us.

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